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Willful Tort

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HomeBrud.gifLaw of TortsBrud.gifWillful Tort
  • Implies intent or purpose to injure.
  • It involves elements of intent or purpose and malice or ill will, but malice or ill will may be shown by indifference to safety of others, with knowledge of their danger, or failure to use ordinary care to avoid injury after acquiring such knowledge.

Recent Cases / Related Cases / Case Law

  • Cousins v. Booksbaum, 51 Ohio App. 150, 200 N.E. 133, 135; American Casualty Co. v. Brinsky, 51 Ohio App. 298, 200 N.E. 654, 655.
  • Hillard v. Western & Southern Life Ins. Co., 68 Ohio App. 426, 34 N.E.2d 75, 77.