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Unorganized Sector Workers' Social Security Act, 2008

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Unorganized Sector Workers' Social Security Act, 2008 is an Indian Act related to Industrial Law to provide for the social security and welfare of unorganised workers and for other matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

  • Central Government empowered to make appropriate welfare schemes related to:
    • life and disability cover;
    • health and maternity benefits
    • old age protection; and
    • any other benefit as may be determined by the Central Government
  • Constitution of National Social Security Board for Unorganized Workers
    • Members:
      • Union Minister for Labour and Employment - Chairperson, ex officio
      • the Director General (Labour Welfare) - Member-Secretary, ex officio; and
      • thirty-four members to be nominated by the Central Government, out of whom -
        • seven representing unorganized sector workers;
        • seven representing employers of unorganized sector;
        • seven representing eminent persons from civil society;
        • two representing members from Lok Sabha and one from Rajya Sabha;
        • five representing Central Government Ministries and Departments concerned; and
        • five representing State Governments
    • Term of the National Board shall be three years.
    • National Board shall meet at least thrice a year, at such time and place and shall observe such rules of procedure relating to the transaction of business at its meetings,

as may be prescribed

  • Constitution of State Board
  • State Government may set up such Workers’ facilitation centres as may be considered necessary from time to time to perform the following fimctions, namely:-
    • disseminate information on available social security schemes for the unorganised workers;
    • facilitate the filling, processing and forwarding of application forms for registration of unorganised workers;
    • assist unorganised worker to obtain registration from the District Administration;
    • facilitate the enrollment of the registered unorganised workers in social security schemes

Sections from the Act

  • Section 1: Short title, extent and commencement.
  • ...
  • Section 7: Funding of State Government Schemes
  • ...
  • Section 17: Power to remove difficulties
  • Schedule 1: Social Security Schemes for the Unorganized workers

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