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UK Taxes Management Act 1970

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  • Introductory Text
  • Part I Administration
  • Part II Returns of Income and Gains
  • Part III Other Returns and Information
    • Section 20: Powers in connection with trades, professions and vocations
  • Part IV Assessment and Claims
  • Part V Appeals and other Proceedings
  • Part VI Collection and Recovery
  • Part VII Persons chargeable in a representative capacity, etc
  • Part VIII Charges on Non-Residents
  • Part IX Interest on Overdue Tax
  • Part X Penalties, Etc
  • Part XI Miscellaneous and Supplemental
  • Part XII General
  • Schedule 1: Forms of declarations
  • Schedule 2: Jurisdiction in appeals on claims
  • Schedule 3: Rules for assigning proceedings to Commissioners
  • Schedule 4: Savings and transitory provisions