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Tribunalization in England

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This article is a part of Administrative Law.

The history of Administrative Tribunals in UK can be studied in three phases:

  • Early twentieth century (1911–1945)
    • With the National Insurance Act, 1911, power of adjudication of certain disputes was given to administrative agencies
  • Post World War II (1945–1957)
    • In 1954, the Government was embarrassed by the Crichel Down affair which focused public fears about maladministration and the abuse of executive authority.
    • Franks Report proposed three important points for tribunals
      • Openness;
      • Fairness; and
      • Impartiality.
  • Council on Tribunals (1958–2007)
    • Tribunals and Inquiries Act, 1958 allowed the establishment of the Council on Tribunals, which started work in 1959 and the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act, 2007