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Section 7 of UK Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984

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Section 7 of UK Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 deals with Part I—supplementary

From the Act

(1) The following enactments shall cease to have effect—

(a) section 8 of the M5Vagrancy Act 1824;

(b) section 66 of the M6Metropolitan Police Act 1839;

(c) section 11 of the M7Canals (Offences) Act 1840;

(d) section 19 of the M8Pedlars Act 1871;

(e) section 33 of the M9County of Merseyside Act 1980; and

(f) section 42 of the M10West Midlands County Council Act 1980.

(2) There shall also cease to have effect—

(a) so much of any enactment contained in an Act passed before 1974, other than—

(i) an enactment contained in public general Act; or

(ii) an enactment relating to statutory undertakers,

as confers power on a constable to search for stolen or unlawfully obtainedgoods; and

(b) so much of any enactment relating to statutory undertakers as provides thatsuch a power shall not be exercisable after the end of a specified period.

(3) In this Part of this Act “statutory undertakers” means persons authorised by anyenactment to carry on any railway, light railway, road transport, water transport, canal,inland navigation, dock or harbour undertaking.

Related Sections from the Act

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