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Section 5 of UK Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984

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Section 5 of UK Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 deals with Reports of recorded searches and of road checks

From the Act

(1) Every annual report—

[F13(a) under section 22 of the M4Police Act 1996; or]

(b) made by the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis,

shall contain information—

(i) about searches recorded under section 3 above which have been carried out inthe area to which the report relates during the period to which it relates; and

(ii) about road checks authorised in that area during that period under section 4above.

(1A) F14. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

(2) The information about searches shall not include information about specific searchesbut shall include—

(a) the total numbers of searches in each month during the period to which thereport relates—

(i) for stolen articles;

(ii) for offensive weapons [F15or articles to which section 1(8A) aboveapplies]; and

(iii) for other prohibited articles;

(b) the total number of persons arrested in each such month in consequence ofsearches of each of the descriptions specified in paragraph (a)(i) to (iii) above.

(3) The information about road checks shall include information—

(a) about the reason for authorising each road check; and

(b) about the result of each of them.

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