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Section 21 of Payment of Bonus Act, 1965

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Section 21 of Payment of Bonus Act, 1965 deals with Recovery of bonus due from an employer

From the Act

Where any money is due to an employee by way of bonus from his employer under a settlement or an award or agreement, the employee himself or any other person authorised by him in writing in this behalf, or in the case of the death of the employee, his assignee or heirs may, without prejudice to any other mode of recovery, make an application to the appropriate Government for the recovery of the money due to him, and if the appropriate Government or such authority as the appropriate Government may specify in this behalf is satisfied that any money is so due, it shall issue a certificate for that amount to the Collector who shall proceed to recover the same in the same manner as an arrear of land revenue:

Provided that every such application shall be made within one year from the date on which the money became due to the employee from the employer:

Provided further that any such application may be entertained after the expiry of the said period of one year, if the appropriate Government is satisfied that the applicant had sufficient cause for not making the application within the said period.

Explanation.--In this section and in 3*[sections 22, 23, 24 and 25], "employee" includes a person who is entitled to the payment of bonus under this Act but who is no longer in employment.

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