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Schools of Criminology

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Demonological or Pre-Scientific School taught us that God reflects Good and Daemon reflects Bad.

The Free-will School says that crime is committed by the free-will of the doer.

The Classical School explained several principles of law making for good discipline and punishments for the people.

The Lombrosian Theory or Positivist School evolved in the 19th century proposed various scientific methods to find the crime causation.

The Ecological School says that bad social environments influence individuals to turn to crime.

The Sociological School developed in the 19th and 20th centuries viewed crimes are the result of social circumstances and brought several reformative modes of punishments for crimes.

  • Typological School of Criminology
  • Socialistic School of Criminology
  • Anthropological School of Criminology
  • Multiple Factors School of Criminology

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