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Remission is the act of forgiveness or condonation of an offense or injury.

  • Civ.Code La. art. 2199. Hall v. Allen Mfg. Co., 133 La. 1079, 63 So. 591, 592.: In civil law, remission is the release of a debt. It is conventional, when it is expressly granted to the debtor by a creditor having a capacity to alienate; or tacit, when the creditor voluntarily surrenders to his debtor the original title, under private signature constituting the obligation.
  • United States v. Morris, 10 Wheat. 246, 6 L.Ed. 314: In common law, it is the act by which a forfeiture or penalty is forgiven.

Related Terms

  • Wrong
  • Proceeding
  • Prosecution
  • Injunction: an authoritative warning or order
  • Immunity: an exemption / privilege
  • Condonacion: In Spanish law. The remission of a debt, either expressly or tacitly.
  • Indulgence: In the Roman Catholic Church. A remission of the punishment due to sins, granted by the pope or church, and supposed to save the sinner from purgatory.