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Question of law

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For a Question of Law to be of general importance, the general public should be interested in it in order for the highest tribunal to deal with it.


Here are some examples to Question of Law that are of general importance.

  • Manzur vs Zaman, AIR 1925 PC 36: Right of a community to take out a religious procession along the highway.
  • Radhakrishna vs Swaminath,(1921) 44 Madras 293 (PC): Question about a ceremony of wide public importance
  • Manarasi vs Kashi Krishna, (1901) 23 All. 227 (AC): About dispute related to religious rites and ceremonies

Related Case / Recent Cases / Case Laws

  • State Bank vs Money, AIR 1976 SC 1111: Question of law is required to be of general importance.
  • Mathur vs Commr, (1973) 2 Delhi 266; Union of India vs Hafiz Mohd., AIR 1975 Delhi 77: The High Court should be of opinion that there is a necessity arising out of the facts and circumstances of the case, there is a question that should be decided by the Supreme Court.
  • State of UP vs Anupam Gupta, AIR 1992 SC 932: A pure question of law arising from record can be considered for the first time in appeal by the Supreme Court.

Question of law in various legislations

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