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Property means 'belonging to one self'. There will be no ownership without property. Property includes all legal rights of a person. Property means and includes both corporeal and incorporeal materials.

Related Cases / Recent Cases / Case Law

  • Hopkins v Hopkins, (1739) 1 Atk 581: "It is the maxim of this Court that trust estates, which are the creatures of equity, shall be governed by the same rules as legal estates, in order to preserve the uniform rules of property".
  • Mrs. Kutty Padmini v Commissioner of Service Tax, Chennai; Writ Petition No. 32442 of 2012; High Court of Madras: A property attachment notice cannot be challenged by a person who is not the owner of property
  • Guru Datt Sharma vs State of Bihar: Supreme Court of India said that property as a legal concept includes sum total of a bundle of rights and in the case of tangible property, it includes the right to possession, the right to enjoy, right to destroy and right to alienate etc.

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