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Piracy on High Seas is restricted according to Geneva Conference on the High Seas, 1958

  • Any act of violence, detention or any act of depredation
    • committed for private ends
    • by crew or passengers
  • Voluntary act of participation in the operation of the ship with knowledge of facts that it became a pirate ship
  • Act of inciting or intentionally facilitating an act to make it a pirate ship
  • A ship continues to retain its nationality even after being taken over by pirates. The law of the state that granted it a nationality decides if the pirate ship loses or retains its nationality.
  • Seizure of a ship thinking it to be a pirate ship without adequate grounds will make the State liable to compensate the loss or damage for the detention.
  • Seizure of a pirate ship can be made by a war ship, military ship or a ship authorized for the act by the State.

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