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Model Arbitration Law

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Often, the Domestic Law was not sufficient to deal with International cases. Hence, member nations are asked to follow as much closely as possible the Model Arbitration Law recommended by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law. The United Nations Organization adopted the Model Law vide Document No A-40-17 on June 21, 1985.

Chapter I: General Provisions

  • Article 1: Scope of Application
  • Article 2: Definitions and Rules of Intepretation
  • Article 3: Receipt of written communications
  • Article 4: Waiver of right to object


Chapter II: Arbitration Agreement

Chapter III: Composition of Arbitral Tribunal

Chapter IV: Jurisdition of Arbitral Tribunal

Chapter V: Conduct of Arbitral Proceedings

Chapter VI: Making of Award and Termination of Proceedings

Chapter VII: Recourse against Award

Chapter VIII: Recognition and Enforcement of Awards