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Minors and Indian Contract Act, 1872

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According to Section 3 of the Indian Majority Act, 1875, a person domiciled in India who is under the age of eighteen years, is a minor.

  1. Minor Agreements: A Minor is an incompetent person to enter into a contract subject to certain exceptions.
  2. No Restitution: No order can be made for compensation against a minor for a benefit obtained under void agreement.
  3. Minor Beneficiary: A contract becomes valid if it gives some benefit and not to required minor to bear any obligation.
  4. Services by a Minor under contract: The Contract of Apprenticeship is valid and binding upon the minor.
  5. No Ratification
  6. The Rule of Estoppel: The Rule of Estoppel under Section 115 of the Indian Evidence Act does not apply to the minor.

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