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Mediation is the act / process of using a third part (person) to intervene between two disputing / contending parties and convey / communicate between them so as to resolve a dispute / issue.

The role of the mediator is to reconcile them or persuade them to adjust or settle their dispute.

A mediator is a neutral third party and voluntarily accepts the role to bring the parties together. He organizes joint sessions and private caucuses.

In International Law and diplomacy, the word denotes the friendly interference of a state in the controversies of others, for the purpose, by its influence and by adjusting their difficulties, of keeping the peace in the family of nations.

Places where mediation works effectively

  • Marital disputes
  • Labor disputes
  • Business and contractual disputes
  • Disputes with/related to multinational corporations
  • Medical negligence cases
  • Environmental disputes
  • Disputes between countries

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