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Also called as Legalization, Legislation is the process of making something legal and lawful to do.

Example: The campaign for the legalisation of abortion

  • It is the act of giving or enacting laws
  • It gives the power to make laws
  • Legislative Act is the act of legislating of laws
  • Preparation and enactment of laws
  • The making of laws by express decree. State ex rel. Yancey v. Hyde, 121 Ind. 20, 22 N.E. 644.
  • Formulation of rule for the future. Eastern Oil Refining Co. v. Court of Burgesses of Wallingford, 130 Conn. 606, 36 A.2d 586, 589; Oklahoma City, Okl., v. Dolese, C.C.A.Okl., 48 F.2d 734, 738. Municipal ordinances are legislation. Doyle v. City of St. Paul, 206 Minn. 542, 289 N.W. 785, 788.
  • Legislature is the department, assembly, or body of men that makes laws for a state or nation.
  • Legislative are those actions which relate to subjects of permanent or general character.
  • A Legislative Court is one that is created by Legislature and not named or described by Constitution. Gorham v. Robinson, 57 R.I. 1. 186 A. 832.
  • The Legislative Power is the lawmaking power; the department of government whose function is the framing and enactment of laws. Evansville v. State, 118 Ind. 426, 21 N.E. 267, 4 L.R.A. 93. Brown v. Galveston, 97 Tex. 1, 75 S.W. 495; O'Neil v. American F. Ins. Co., 166 Pa. 72, 30 A. 943, 26 L.R.A. 715, 45 Am.St.Rep. 650.
  • A Legislator is one who makes laws; a member of a legislative body.
  • A Legisperitus is a person skilled or learned in the law; a lawyer or advocate. Feud. lib. 2, tit. 1.

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