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Legal System of Sierra Leone

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HomeBrud.gifLegal System of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a constitutional republic. Like several other countries, the Sierra Leone follows the Legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary structure.

Constitution of Sierra Leone

The Constitution of Sierra Leone is the basic law governing Sierra Leone. It was adopted in 1991 and last revised in 2008.

Parliament of Sierra Leone

  • Parliament of Sierra Leone is unicameral with 124 seats.
  • Each of the country's fourteen districts is represented in parliament.
  • 112 members are elected concurrently with the presidential elections; the other 12 seats are filled by paramount chiefs from each of the country's 12 administrative districts
  • Speaker of Parliament leads the Parliament

Government of Sierra Leone

  • The president is the head of state, the head of government and the commander-in-chief of the Sierra Leone Armed Forces and the Sierra Leone Police
  • Next to the president is the Vice-president, who is the second-highest ranking government official in the executive branch of the Sierra Leone Government.

Judiciary of Sierra Leone

  • The Supreme Court of Sierra Leone is the highest court of justice in the country.
  • The independence of the judiciary is guaranteed by the constitution.
  • The Chief Justice of Sierra Leone is the head of the judiciary of the country.
  • Various types of courts include inferior courts, represented by the Magistrates courts and the Local courts and the superior courts, represented by the High Court, the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.