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Legal System of Peru

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Constitution of Peru

The Constitution of Peru is the supreme law of Peru. A Democratic Constitutional Congress (CCD) was elected in 1992, and the final text was approved in a 1993 referendum.

Government of Peru

  • Peru Ministry of Justice and Human Rights: This is the Government Ministry that is responsible for advising the President of Peru in judicial matters and national prison system.

Law of Peru

  • The Supreme Court of Peru is the top most and most powerful court of the country.
  • The second level is composed of 28 superior courts, each of which has jurisdiction over a judicial district which are more or less synonymous to the 25 regions of Peru.
  • The third level is formed by 195 courts of first instance (trial court), each of which has jurisdiction over a province.
  • The fourth and lowest level is composed of 1,838 courts of peace, each with jurisdiction over a single district.