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Legal System of Oman

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HomeBrud.gifLegal System of Oman

Constitution of Oman

The Basic Statute of the State is the Constitution of Oman. It was issued (first brought) in the year 1996 and is amended in 2011.

Judiciary of Oman

The Sultan Qaboos are the absolute monarch's of Oman. The judiciary is subordinate to the Sultan. Sharia law is the source of all legislation.

Oman has no system of Separation of Powers.

The legal code protects civil liberties and personal freedoms though it is overpowered by the regime.

Women and children face discrimination. Women are not entitled for certain rights, such as access to home loans etc.

Legislation of Oman

  • The Omani legislation is a bicameral Council of Oman. The upper chamber is the Council of State (Majlis ad-Dawlah). The lower chamber is the Consultative Council (Majlis ash-Shoura).
  • Political parties are banned in Oman.
  • Donkeys are used a mobile billboard to express views in public.
  • Oman was the one of the last countries to abolish slavery in 1970


  • Oman's police do not need search warrants in order to enter people's homes.
  • Media rights are limited in the country. In 2009, a web publisher was fined and given a suspended jail sentence for revealing that a supposedly live TV programme was actually pre-recorded in order to eliminate any criticisms of the government.