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Legal Research in India

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Legal research in India involves the following:

  • Understanding and having an overview on the Indian Legal System
    • Ancient Hindu law dates back to the Dharmasastras and Smritis
    • Islamic law during the Muslim rulers time and its impact
    • British rule and its impact
    • Constitution of India
  • Indian Sources of Law
    • Constitution
    • Legislation
    • Ordinances
    • Precedents (Judicial decisions)
    • Custom
    • International Conventions / treaties ratified by the Government
  • Legislation in India
    • Supreme and sub-ordinate legislation
    • Delegated legislation
  • Hierarchy of Law
  • Finding legislative material
    • Official Publications: Constitution, Gazette of India, State Gazettes etc.
  • Places of research
    • Law Libraries
  • Citation of legislation
    • Citation of articles of the Constitution
    • Citation of sections of the Legislation
    • Mode of Citation of various legislation
  • Case law material
    • Official reports
    • Unofficial reports (AIR etc)
    • Other reports
    • High Court reports
    • Specialized law reports (Labour Law Journal, Labour and Industrial Cases, Industrial Court Reporter, Labour Law Reporter, Criminal Law Journal, Income Tax Reports etc)
  • Citation of cases
    • Formation of quoting a citation
    • Citation of law reports
  • Other material
    • General material
    • Law dictionaries
    • Law journals and legal periodicals
    • Internet websites, CD ROM etc.
    • Text books or treatise and academic material
    • Encyclopedias
    • Digests
    • Press reports