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Legal Ethics

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Legal Ethics are the body of rules and practices that determine the professional conduct of the members of the Bar.

  • Legal Ethics help maintain the honor and dignity of the legal profession.
  • Fosters friendly cooperation between Bar and Bench in the promotion of highest standards of justice.
  • Helps make fair dealings of the counsel with his client, opponent and witnesses.
  • Secures that lawyers discharge their responsibility to the community generally.
  • Unlike few other professions, legal profession is not for private gain but for public good.
  • To maintain legal ethics, Bar Councils have been established and Acts such as the Advocates Act, 1961 for the advocates are formulated.
  • Bar Council of India and State Bar Councils punished Advocates for their professional or other misconduct.

Recent Cases / Related Cases / Case Law

  • Hamraj L Chulani vs Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa, AIR 1996 SC 1708: Legal profession is a partner with the judiciary in the administration of justice

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