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Kinds of Punishments

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Various kinds of punishments are prescribed for various types of Crimes. Various Punishment theories are proposed with the various intentions. The variation in the modality of punishment occur because of the variation of societal reaction to law breaking.

General form of Punishments

The general forms of punishment are:

  • Flogging
  • Mutilation
  • Branding
  • Stoning
  • Pillory
  • Fine / Penalty
  • Forfeiture of Property
  • Security Bond
  • Banishment
  • Penal Servitude
  • Simple Imprisonment
  • Solitary confinement
  • Imprisonment for Life
  • Death or Capital Punishment

Punishments in Mohammedan Law

Before the Indian Penal Code came into existence, the Mohammedan Criminal Law was applied to both Hindus and Muslims. The following are the various types of Punishments in Mohammedan Law.

  1. Qisas - Victim or his relatives inflict similar pain / punishment to the offender
  2. Diya - Offender can be exempted by paying money to the victim or heir of victim
  3. Hadd - Fixed punishment to various crimes. Judge does not have a say.
  4. Tazeer - Judge has the complete discretion to award punishment to the offender
  5. Siyasat - King, in the interest of public could award punishment to the offender

Types of Punishments according to IPC

Section 53 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 prescribes five kinds of punishments.

  1. Death Penalty
  2. Life imprisonment
  3. Imprisonment
    1. Rigorous
    2. Simple
  4. Forfeiture of property
  5. Fine

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