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Kinds of Properties

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Property is of two kinds:

  • Jura in re aliena
  • Jura in re propria

Jura in re aliena

  • Jura in re aliena means 'Right over other property'.
  • These are also known as Encumbrances
  • These are right in rem over a res (thing) owned by another.
  • The right runs with the things encumbered.
  • These are incorporeal property
  • This includes Leases, Servitudes, Securities etc.

Jura in re propria

  • Jura in re propria means 'Right over the property'.
  • These are rights of ownership in one's own property as are not exercised over material objects.
  • These can be in material things or immaterial things
  • Material things such as lands, chattals etc.
  • Immaterial things such as Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks, Designs etc. and material things such as Lands, chattels etc.

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