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Kenya Companies Act

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The Companies Act of Kenya has 13 Parts and 406 Sections.

The Companies Act

Chapter 486

An Act of Parliament to amend and consolidate the law relating to the incorporation, regulation and winding up of companies and other associations, and to make provision for other matters relating thereto and connected therewith.

Part I: Preliminary

Part II: Incorporation of Companies and Matters Incidental Thereto

  • From Section 4 to 38
    • Includes Memorandum of Association, Articles of Association, Form of Memorandum and Articles, Registration, Provisions with Respect to Names of Companies, General Provisions with Respect to Memorandum and Articles, Membership of Company, Private Companies, Reduction of Number of Members below Legal Minimum, Contracts, Etc.

Part III: Share Capital and Debentures

Part IV: From Registration of Charges

Part V: From Management and Administration

Part VI: Winding Up

Part VII: Receivers and Managers

Part VIII: Application of Act to Companies Formed or Registered under the Repealed Ordinances

Part IX: Winding up of Unregistered Companies

Part X: Companies Incorporated Outside Kenya

Part XI: From General Provisions as to Registration

Part XII: Miscellaneous Provisions with respect to Insurance and Produce Companies, and Certain Societies and Partnerships

Part XIII: General


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