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Fundamental Pillars of Justice

  • Truth in action
  • The firm and continuous desire to render to every one which is due

Related Cases / Recent Cases / Case Laws

  • Aurangabad Electricals (P) Ltd vs CCE & Customs (2011) 1 SCC 121, para 14: Technicalities should not defer rendering of complete justice to a litigant

Related Cases / Recent Cases / Case Law

  • Akshyalingam v Avayambala, AIR 1933 Mad 386; Kishorechand v Badaun ESC, AIR 1944 Al 66 (77), Namdeo v Narmadabai, AIR 1953 SC 2228; Muralilal v Devkaran, AIR 1965 C 225; Ganeshilal v Joti, AIR 1953 SC 1; Valliama v Sivathanu, AIR 1979 SC 1937 (paras 29, 31): Where the Act is silent or the Act does not apply, the English principles may be resorted to in so far as they are consonant within the principles of 'justice, equity and good conscience'.

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