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Intervention, according to International Law is the interference of one country into affairs of another by means of force or other. This can be diplomatic, military, heinous or genuine.

Chapter VII, Article 51 of the United Nations Charter discusses some grounds for intervention.

In general, States do not like the intervention of another State in their internal affairs unless in certain exceptional situations. There are many examples in which the States used to move the United Nations Organizations from blocking other interfering States.

Classical views on Intervention

  • Oppenheim: Invention is a dictatorial interference by a State in the affairs of another.
  • Quincy Wright: Use of military or other coercive.. is an intervention


  • Diplomatic intervention: America's interference in the cryogenic technology transfer from Russia to India
  • Military intervention: USA's support to Kuwait before UNO stepped in during the Iraq-Kuwait War
  • Heinous intervention: Pakistan's supply of military equipment to terrorists in Kashmir and Punjab
  • Genuine intervention (or collective intervention): UNO stepping in Iraq-Kuwait War.