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International Servitude

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A Servitude is a right in a property in which the right to use or enjoy it is in a specified way by another person. International Servitudes is a subject of study in International Law.

There are four kinds of International Servitudes:

  • Positive Servitude
  • Negative Servitude
  • Military Servitude
  • Economic Servitude

Positive Servitude

  • A State permits another State to do some work within its territory

Negative Servitude

  • A State does not permit another State to use or to do some work within its territory

Military Servitude

  • A State allows another State to setup its military or naval base in its territory


  • US has its Naval bases in various countries

Economic Servitude

  • A State allows another State, the right to property or passage of goods of economic values


  • India allows Nepal, the use of its Calcutta Port and the path from the Port to Nepal so that the land-locked country can import goods.

Related Cases / Recent Cases

  • Supreme Court of Cologne (Oberlandesgericht) decision on April 21, 1914 related to the case Aix-la-Chapelle-Maastricht Railroad Company

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