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Estoppel is derived from the French word estoupe which means 'stopped'.

  • The word made into English jurisprudence to shut the mouth a person who has pleaded, acted or spoken the truth on one occasion and tried to avoid, evade his own pleading, action or speech later with a mala fide.
  • In Law, estoppel is a preclusion preventing a man alleging or denying a fact in consequence of his own previous act.
  • The Doctrine of Estoppel is an rule of evidence.

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  • Gibson vs Gibson, 8 Am Dec 94: Estoppel is a restrain or impediment, imposed by the policy, of the law, to preclude a party from averring the truth.
  • Graham vs Asbury, 112 Ariz. 184
  • Auling and Odgers JJ, K Kotayya (dead) and another - Defendante - Appellant (AIR 1924 Mad 177)

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