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Types of Domicile

  • Domicile by Birth
  • Domicile by Choice
  • Domicile by Operation of Law

Related Cases

  • Whicker vs Hume (1858) 28 LJ Ch. 396: A person's domicile means, the place where he has his permanent home.
  • Union of India vs Dudh Nath, AIR 2000 SC 525: Every person must all the time be said to possess a domicile.
  • Dr. Pradeep Jain vs Union of India and Others, AIR 1985 SC 1420: There can be one domicile at a time and no person can have plural domicile.
  • D P Joshi vs State of Madhya Bharath, AIR 1955 SC 334: Theoretically it is possible to have a State domicile.
  • Thilliammal vs Thandavamurthy, AIR 2008 NOC 190 (Kar.): If a person shifts his residence from a place which is governed by Mitakshra Law to another place which is also governed by Mitakshra Law, there is no change of domicile by migration.
  • Ayesha vs Subodh, 45 CWN 439; R Sridharan vs Presiding Officer, AIR 2009 (NOC) 220 (Mad): The law of domicile of the parties is relevant in case of divorce.
  • Prem Singh vs Dulari Bai, AIR 1975 Cal 425: Hindu Law is applicable to all Hindus who are within the territories of India. It is not necessary that they should be domiciled in India.

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