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Criminal Procedure Act, 1977

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HomeBrud.gifSouth African LawBrud.gifActsBrud.gifCriminal Procedure Act, 1977

[Assented to 21 April, 1977]

[Date of Commencement: 22 July, 1977]


Sections from the Act

Chapter 1: Prosecuting Authority

Chapter 2: Search warrants, entering of premises, seizure, forteiture and disposal...

Chapter 3: Ascertainment of Bodily Features of Accused

Chapter 4: Methods of Securing Attendance of Accused in Court

Chapter 5: Arrest

Chapter 6:Summons

Chapter 7: Written Notice to appear in Court

Chapter 8: Admission of guilt fine

Chapter 9: Bail

Chapter 10: Release on Warning

Chapter 11: Assistance to Accused

Chapter 12: Summary Trial

Chapter 13: Accused: Capacity To Understand Proceedings: Mental Illness And Criminal Respo

Chapter 14: The Charge

Chapter 15: The Plea

Chapter 16: Jurisdiction

Chapter 17: Plea of Guilty at Summary Trial

Chapter 18: Plea of not guilty at Summary Trial

Chapter 19: Plea in Magistrate's Court on charge justiciable in Superior Court

Chapter 19A: Plea in Magistrate's Court on charge to be adjudicated in Regional Court

Chapter 20: Preparatory Examination

Chapter 21: Trial before Superior Court

Chapter 22: Conduct of Proceedings

Chapter 23: Witnesses

Chapter 24: Evidence

Chapter 25: Conversion of Trial into Enquiry

Chapter 26: Competent Verdicts

Chapter 27: Previous Convictions

Chapter 28: Sentence

Chapter 29: Compensation and Restitution

Chapter 30: Reviews and Appeals in Cases of Criminal Proceedings in Lower Courts

Chapter 31: Appeals in cases of Criminal Proceedings in Superior Courts

Chapter 32: Mercy and Free Pardon

Chapter 33: General Provisions


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