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Counseling Centers

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Counseling Centers are places where 'counselors' give advise to the parties who come up to them in solution for their personal problems.

They largely deal with family disputes such as differences between husband and wife, relationship between parents and children, maintenance of parents in their old age, economic problems, social problems, property rights, education and career etc.

The 'Counseling Centers' is the first level of dispute resolution and they are generally highly successful in bringing back the harmony.

They are a type of therapeutic clinics where in experts heals the family problems.

However, these centers fail when:

  • Parties to the dispute do not have the patience to wait till the results come out
  • The experts have to be patient in listening and solving the problems of their clients
  • Police and Advocates might step in and try to solve the problem using Judicial Dispute Resolution.
  • Family disputes might escalate making the parties to go to Family Court.

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