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Copyright Rules, 1958

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  • Rule 3 deals with terms and conditions of the Chairman and the members of the Copyright Board
    • Appointed for a period not exceeding 5 years
    • Eligible for re-appointment after the completion of the term
    • Three month written notice when resigning
    • Paid by Salary or Honorarium
    • Non-official appointed as Chairman or as a member is eligible to receive traveling allowance while on duty, daily allowances for the period spent on duty on the scale provided in the rules.
  • Rule 4 deals with the functions of the Secretary of the Copyright Board
    • Says Registrar of Copyrights will perform all secretarial functions related to the Copyright Board under the direction of the Chairman of the Copyright Board.
  • Chapter IV: Licenses for translation
    • Rule 6: Application for license
    • Rule 7: Notice of application - Publication in Official Gazette, in one or two newspapers etc.
    • Rule 8: Consideration of application by the Copyright Board after expiry of not less than 20 days from the date of publication in Official Gazette
    • Rule 9: Manner of determining royalties
      • proposed retail price of the copy
      • prevailing standards of royalties
      • such other matters as may be considered relevant
    • Rule 10: Extension of period of license
    • Rule 11: Cancellation of license
      • After giving an opportunity to the licensee
      • If failed to produce and publish the translation
      • If obtained by fraud
      • If contravened any of the terms and conditions of the license
  • Chapter IVA: Compulsory License for Publication of Unpublished Works,
    • Rule 11A: Application for license: In triplicate; along with fee prescribed in Second Schedule
    • Rule 11B: Application shall be for one work only and in respect of translation, into one language only
    • Rule 11C: Notice of application
    • Rule 11D: Manner of determining royalties
    • Rule 11E: Extension of the period of license
    • Rule 11F: Cancellation of license
    • Rule 11G: Notice for termination of license

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