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Codification is the systematic process of presenting whole or part of law into written form. It is a method of progressive development of law. Codified law is easy to verify, cross-check and refer when a question of law arises. Jurisprudence, amongst its other topics, studies various forms of codification of law.

Codification is the process in which the statutes, conventions, Customary Laws and rules created through judicial pronouncements are created and arranged in order to avoid inconsistency and overlapping.

Codification of International Law

The importance of Codification of International Law is grated because bulk of customary rules are in the form of customary law causing inconsistency and controversy.

Related Cases / Recent Cases / Case Law

  • Ardeshir v Flaora Sassoon, AIR 1928 PC 208: "It will be useful, in the interpretation of the relevant sections, to have in mind what the English system on which the Act is based was in its origin and in its fullness at the date of codification."

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