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Chapter XXI to XXVI of Companies Act, 2013

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Chapter XXI

Part I: Companies Authorised to Register under this Act

Part II: Winding up of unregistered companies

  • Section 375: Winding up of unregistered companies
  • Section 376: Power to wind up foreign companies, although dissolved
  • Section 377: Provisions of Chapter cumulative
  • Section 378: Saving and construction of enactments conferring power to wind up partnership firm, association or company, etc., in certain cases

Chapter XXII: Companies Incorporated Outside India

  • Section 379: Application of Act to foreign companies
  • Section 380: Documents, etc., to be delivered to Registrar by foreign companies
  • Section 381: Accounts of foreign company
  • Section 382: Display of name, etc., of foreign company
  • Section 383: Service on foreign company
  • Section 384: Debentures, annual return, registration of charges, books of account and their inspection
  • Section 385: Fee for registration of documents
  • Section 386: Interpretation.
  • Section 387: Dating of prospectus and particulars to be contained therein
  • Section 388: Provisions as to expert’s consent and allotment
  • Section 389: Registration of prospectus
  • Section 390: Offer of Indian Depository Receipts.
  • Section 391: Application of sections 34 to 36 and Chapter XX.
  • Section 392: Punishment for contravention
  • Section 393: Company's failure to comply with provisions of this Chapter not to affect validity of contracts, etc.

Chapter XXIII: Government Companies

  • Section 394: Annual reports on Government companies
  • Section 395: Annual reports where one or more State Governments are members of companies

Chapter XXIV: Registration Offices and Fees

  • Section 396: Registration offices
  • Section 397: Admissibility of certain documents as evidence.
  • Section 398: Provisions relating to filing of applications, documents, inspection, etc., in electronic form.
  • Section 399: Inspection, production and evidence of documents kept by Registrar
  • Section 400: Electronic form to be exclusive, alternative or in addition to physical form
  • Section 401: Provision of value added services through electronic form.
  • Section 402: Application of provisions of Information Technology Act, 2000
  • Section 403: Fee for filing, etc.
  • Section 404: Fees, etc., to be credited into public account.

Chapter XXV: Companies to furnish information or statistics

  • Section 405: Power of Central Government to direct companies to furnish information or statistics

Chapter XXVI: Nidhis

  • Section 406: Power to modify Act in its application to Nidhis.

Chapters and Sections from the Indian Companies Act, 2013

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