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Chapter VII of Companies Act, 2013

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Chapter VII: Management and Administration

  • Section 88: Register of members, etc.
  • Section 89: Declaration in respect of beneficial interest in any share.
  • Section 90: Investigation of beneficial ownership of shares in certain cases
  • Section 91: Power to close register of members or debenture holders or other security holders.
  • Section 92: Annual return
  • Section 93: Return to be filed with Registrar in case promoters’ stake changes
  • Section 94: Place of keeping and inspection of registers, returns, etc.
  • Section 95: Registers, etc., to be evidence
  • Section 96: Annual general meeting
  • Section 97: Power of Tribunal to call annual general meeting.
  • Section 98: Power of Tribunal to call meetings of members, etc.
  • Section 99: Punishment for default in complying with provisions of sections 96 to 98.
  • Section 100: Calling of extraordinary general meeting.
  • Section 101: Notice of meeting
  • Section 102: Statement to be annexed to notice.
  • Section 103: Quorum for meetings
  • Section 104: Chairman of meetings
  • Section 105: Proxies.
  • Section 106: Restriction on voting rights
  • Section 107: Voting by show of hands
  • Section 108: Voting through electronic means
  • Section 109: Demand for poll.
  • Section 110: Postal ballot
  • Section 111: Circulation of members’ resolution
  • Section 112: Representation of President and Governors in meetings
  • Section 113: Representation of corporations at meeting of companies and of creditors
  • Section 114: Ordinary and special resolutions
  • Section 115: Resolutions requiring special notice
  • Section 116: Resolutions passed at adjourned meeting
  • Section 117: Resolutions and agreements to be filed.
  • Section 118: Minutes of proceedings of general meeting, meeting of Board of Directors and other meeting and resolutions passed by postal ballot.
  • Section 119: Inspection of minute-books of general meeting
  • Section 120: Maintenance and inspection of documents in electronic form.
  • Section 121: Report on annual general meeting
  • Section 122: Applicability of this Chapter to One Person Company

Chapters and Sections from the Indian Companies Act, 2013

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