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Chapter VIII to X of Companies Act, 2013

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Chapter VIII: Declaration and Payment of Dividend

  • Section 123: Declaration of dividend
  • Section 124: Unpaid Dividend Account
  • Section 125: Investor Education and Protection Fund.
  • Section 126: Right to dividend, rights shares and bonus shares to be held in abeyance pending registration of transfer of shares
  • Section 127: Punishment for failure to distribute dividends

Chapter IX: Accounts of Companies

  • Section 128: Books of account, etc., to be kept by company
  • Section 129: Financial statement
  • Section 130: Re-opening of accounts on court’s or Tribunal’s orders
  • Section 131: Voluntary revision of financial statements or Board’s report
  • Section 132: Constitution of National Financial Reporting Authority.
  • Section 133: Central Government to prescribe accounting standards
  • Section 134: Financial statement, Board’s report, etc.
  • Section 135: Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Section 136: Right of member to copies of audited financial statement
  • Section 137: Copy of financial statement to be filed with Registrar
  • Section 138: Internal audit

Chapter X: Audit and Auditors

  • Section 139: Appointment of auditors.
  • Section 140: Removal, resignation of auditor and giving of special notice
  • Section 141: Eligibility, qualifications and disqualifications of auditors
  • Section 142: Remuneration of auditors
  • Section 143: Powers and duties of auditors and auditing standards
  • Section 144: Auditor not to render certain services.
  • Section 145: Auditor to sign audit reports, etc
  • Section 146: Auditors to attend general meeting
  • Section 147: Punishment for contravention.
  • Section 148: Central Government to specify audit of items of cost in respect of certain companies

Chapters and Sections from the Indian Companies Act, 2013

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