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Bank, Banker, Banking, Banking Company

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  • Dr Samuel Johnson: A Bank is a place where is laid up to be called for ocassionally, and a banker is one that traffics in money, one that keeps or manages a bank.
  • Halsbury's Law of England: A Banker is an individual, partnership or corporation, whose sole or predominanting business is banking, that is, the receipt of money on current or deposit account and the payment of cheques drawn by and the collection of cheques paid in by a customer.
  • Sheldom: A person cannot claim to be carrying on the business of banking unless he receives money or instruments representing money on current account, honours cheques drawn thereon, and collects the proceeds of cheques which his customers place into his hands for collection.
  • Dr Hart: A person or company carrying on the business of receiving moneys and collecting drafts, for customers, subject to the obligation of honouring cheques drawn upon them from time to time by the customers to extent of the amounts available on their current accounts.
  • Sir John Paget

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  • Ladbroke and Co Vs Todd: Relationship between banker and customer begins as soon as a cheque is paid in and accepted for collection and not merely it is paid.

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