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Award is the finding or a decision in the arbitration by judicial determination or deliberate judgement.

  • Any words expressive of a decision is an award
  • Award must be entire and final on all the matters referred else it will be void in toto.
  • A valid award is final thought it can be referred as a case in the High Court unless the submission excludes such power.
  • Arbitrator can himself correct any clerical errors or omissions in an award.
  • Arbitral Award includes an interim award
  • Section 2(1)(c) of Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 defines 'Award'.

Related Cases / Recent Cases / Case Law

  • April 2011: Union of India vs Tantia Construction Ltd; Special Leave Petition (c) No.18914 of 2010-Decided on 18-04-2011: Supreme Court of India held that Arbitration clause in a contract would not exclude the power of the high courts or the Supreme Court to decide disputes between the parties.
  • Laldas vs Bai Lala: An Award is not a mere agreement, but is equivalent to a judgement
  • An Award by a Lok Adalat can be challenged only by filing a Writ Petition and not by way of separate suit - Supreme Court

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