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Andhra Pradesh Land Reforms (Ceiling on Agricultural Holdings) Act, 1973

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  • This Act was brought after the Central Government advised State Governments to bring in new land reforms. The aim is to curb the feudal tendencies of the landlords. The idea is that fixing a ceiling on the maximum allowed landholding will allow us to bring a socialistic society in the rural economy.
  • Orchards, Sugarcane Plantations, Tea and Coffee Plantations, Fishery ponds, tanks etc. are exempted from the ceiling.

Sections from the Act

  • Section 2 says that the Act is for giving effect to the policy of the State towards securing the principles specified in clauses (b) and (c) of Article 39 of Constitution of India.
  • Section 3 (a) to (v) defines various terms
  • Section 4 deals with ceiling area
  • Section 5 deals with standard holding for different classes of lands and computation
  • Section 6 specifies the constitution of tribunal
  • Section 7 deals with special provisions related to transfers already made.
  • Section 8 deals declaration of holding
  • Section 9 deals with determination of ceiling area
  • Section 10 deals with surrender of land in certain cases
  • Section 11 deals with vesting of land surrendered
  • Section 12 deals with reversion and vesting of land surrendered
  • Section 13 gives special provisions for protected tenants
  • Section 14 empowers Government to dispose of land vested in it
  • Section 15 specifies about amount payable for lands vested in the Government
  • Section 16 deals with claims for the amount payable
  • Section 17 prohibits alienation of holding
  • Section 18 deals with declaration of further acquisitions
  • Section 19 deals with declaration to be furnished before registering officer
  • Section 20 deals with appeal
  • Section 21 deals with revision
  • Section 22 deals with power of authorities under the Act
  • Section 23 deals with exceptions
  • Section 24 deals with penalty.
  • Section 25 deals with protection of action taken under this Act
  • Section 26 deals with Bar of jurisdiction
  • Section 27 deals with the power to make rules
  • Section 28 empowers the Act to override other laws
  • Section 29 deals with power to remove difficulties
  • Section 30 deals with repeals

Related Cases / Recent Cases / Case Law

  • Jagannath vs Authorized Officer, AIR 1972:425 An Act which is stuck down by court would revive once it is included in the Ninth Schedule.
  • Dadarao vs State of Maharashtra, AIR 1969 Bom 144: Taking over surplus land is related to its distribution amongst the landless and other persons and amongst such landless persons could be also the hiers or legatees of the decreased holders, who held land on the appointment day and died during the inquiry proceedings.
  • Bardwan T & T Co vs SDO, Gauhati, AIR 1973 Gau 131: An order for acquisition without consideration of the basic fact that the land sought / acquired is not cultivable land such as a deep forest, is without jurisdiction
  • K Jagannadha Rao & another Kodandaramayya vs State of AP 1983(1) ALT 62: After the 44th Amendment Act of the Constitution of India, Article 31 was deleted and the petitioner cannot complain of any right relating to the invalidity or inadequacy of the compensation.

Related Acts

Related Rules

  • Andhra Pradesh Land Reforms (Ceiling on Agricultural Holdings) Rules, 1974 facilitated procedural aspects of the Act

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