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Andhra Pradesh (Andhra Area) Tenancy Act, 1958

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Andhra Pradesh (Andhra Area) Tenancy Act, 1958 is a Tenancy Land Law (Act) brought as part of Tenancy Reforms in Andhra Pradesh.


  • Section 2 defines various terms
    • Section 2(c): Defines 'Cultivating Tenant'
    • Landlord
    • Personal cultivation
    • Special Officer
  • Section 3: Maximum rent payable by a cultivating tenant
  • Section 4: Agreements regarding form of tenancy
  • Section 5: Agreement as to rent. Subject to maximum rent as specified in Section 3
  • Section 6: Determination of fair rent

Rights of cultivating tenants

  • Remission on rent
  • Perpetual right
  • Minimum period of lease: Six months
  • Writing of lease
  • Stamp and Registration
  • Renewal
  • Right to mortgage
  • Right to inherit
  • Extinction of rights
  • Right of cultivating tenant when change in the ownership of land
  • Right to restoration
  • Cultivating tenant's right to first purchase the land leased to him

Rights of Landlord

  • Right to receive fair rent
  • Deposit of rent
  • Interest on arrears of rent: 5.5%
  • Resumption of possession of land leased by landlord for his personal cultivation
  • Termination of Tenancy: Landlord has no right to terminate tenancy unless in special situations
  • Surrender of holding by cultivating tenant
  • Right to pre-emption
  • Adjudiction of disputes and appeals
  • Act to override contract and other laws

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