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  • Walsh v Lonsdale, (1882) 21 Ch D 9 (14): The tenant holds under an agreement for a lease. He holds, therefore, under the same terms in equity as if a leaser had been granted, it being given by specific performance. That being so he cannot complain of the exercise by the landlord of the same rights as the landlord would have had if a lease had been granted, eg, the right of distress, merely because the parchment has not being signed and sealed.
  • Walsh v Lonsdale, (1882) 21 Ch D 9 (14): In regard to equitable lease, By a written agreement L agreed to let to W a cotton mill fro 7 years at a rent which was to be payable in advance if demanded. W entered and occupied the mill, and for some time paid the rent, but not in advance. Then L demanded a year's rent in advance, and this demand not being complied with, he distrained. W then brought this action against L claiming damages for an unlawful distraint.
  • State Bank of Hyderabad v Rabo Bank, Civil Appeal Jurisdiction, Civil Appeal No 8194 OF 2015, Supreme Court of India judgement dated October 1, 2015

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