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Acceptance - Indian Contract Act, 1872

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Main Article : Indian Contract Act, 1872

Acceptance is the expression of assent by the person to whom the offer is made. To constitute a valid acceptance, the assent must be communicated to the offeror. Acceptance may be express conduct or may be in implied circumstances. However, silence cannot be prescribed as a mode of acceptance.

The following elements must be present in a valid acceptance.

  1. Acceptance must be given only by person to whom the offer is made
  2. Acceptance must be abosolute and unqualified
  3. Acceptance must be communicated by the acceptor
  4. Acceptance must be given within a reasonable time and before the offer lapses or is revoked.

Chapter I of Indian Contract Act, 1872 deals with the topic of 'Of the Communication, Acceptance and Revocation of proposals'.

Related Acts

  • Section 3: Communication, acceptance and revocation of proposals
  • Section 4: Communication when complete
  • Section 5: Revocation of proposals and acceptances
  • Section 6: Revocation how made
  • Section 7: Acceptance must be absolute
  • Section 8: Acceptance by performing conditions, or receiving consideration
  • Section 9: Promises, express and implied

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